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Safety Through Sealing: Garlock eNewsletter, vol. 1
Engineering and Construction Segment Expanding Global Scope With the constant advance in the technology, equipment and materials used in the world’s construction and engineering industries, the importance of correctly specified and expertly installed sealing products has never been greater...
Garlock Singapore receives ISO 9001:2008 Certification
Certification verifies Garlock Singapore’s commitment to quality standards and management principles. Assures customers of quality and consistency in manufacture of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products.
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2014 Holiday Hours for Garlock USA
Holiday hours and emergency contacts for USA sales

Technical Articles

Replacing Gaskets in a Flanged Piping System
Russ Pimblett, Product/Applications Engineering Leader at Garlock GB discusses;  The gaskets that keep flanged piping connections from leaking are relatively low-cost, but high-consequence components. As such, they often do not receive the attention they warrant, such as proper removal and replacement...
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Rotary Seal Solutions Offer Abrasive Options
An article written by Senior Engineer Russ Pimblett from the UK describes how rotary seals offer options for abrasive applications in addition to mechanical seals as well as compression packing. Please visit page 34. 
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Avoiding Leakage Seals and Sealing Systems for Machinery and Piping
A book published by Chemical Englineering regarding seals and sealing systems that are used througout the chemical process industries, on both machinery components and piping to control and isolate fluids such as liquids, gases and vapors.  These tutorial-style articles share proven engineering guidence related to the selection, installation, operation and maintenance on both statuc and dynamic seals and sealing systems...
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