Case Study: Style 7857RH, 432 and 9511 V-Rings with Bronze Adaptors - Mining

How an industrial mining brake manufacturer overcame unpredictable and catastrophic u-cup failure by switching to Garlock Style 7857RH Chevron V-Ring packing.

BACKGROUND: The mining equipment runs nearly 24-7 and it’s critical that the brakes work correctly when applied. Seal repairs are a difficult and time consuming process that include replacing multiple seals in each brake unit. The piston has a short travel length but there was side-loading, which is when the weight of the piston rests on the seals. Overtime the equipment vibration and side-loading would damage the single u-cup sealing lip such that it could no longer hold against the 3200psi pressure and there would be an immediate failure which would shut the equipment down. Due to application differences there was no way to predict how long the u-cup seal would last and there was no warning or leakage before it failed.