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Erfahren Sie Neuigkeiten von Garlock in der Branche. 

29 Mär 2021

At Enpro we push boundaries in science and people. In an ever-evolving world, we continue to innovate and think bolder, developing technologies for the most challenging applications. 

The future is already here. Let’s unleash it together.

15 Jan 2021

Often times gaskets for AWWA flanges are ordered as 150# or 300# ring or full face gaskets. Unfortunately, this can lead to customers receiving the wrong size gaskets. Not only are the flange dimensions different in some situations, but the dimensions for the gaskets may differ as well.

23 Okt 2020

To help you plan for timely order submission and delivery, we would like to take this opportunity to share our 2020 holiday schedule with you.

20 Mär 2020

With the rapid changes we are seeing both locally and globally, we wanted to take the time to send an update on what that currently means for Garlock and for you.

16 Mär 2020

We are closely monitoring COVID-19 (2019 novel coronavirus) and following the current guidance from the leading government and health authorities to ensure we are taking the right actions to protect our customers, employees and the communities where we operate.

16 Mär 2020

As a member of the global marketplace, we at Garlock recognize the challenges faced by our partners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

20 Jan 2020

Pu DeMarco and David Campos share Garlock with the Rochester area on WROC, Channel 8, programming Why ROC. Why ROC highlights local businesses, their growth, and partnership in the community.

11 Okt 2019

To help you plan for timely order submission and delivery, we would like to take this opportunity to share our 2019 holiday schedule with you.

17 Jul 2019

Garlock Launches FLOOD-GARD™ Bearing Isolators for Fully Flooded Applications
Palmyra, N.Y. (July 9, 2019): Garlock, a leading manufacturer of high-performance fluid sealing products, has launched FLOOD-GARD™ Bearing Isolators, which offer the proven performance of Garlock bearing isolators for flooded applications.

08 Jul 2019

EnPro Industries, Inc. (NYSE: NPO), a leading manufacturer of engineered industrial products, today announced it has acquired The Aseptic Group (comprising Aseptic Process Equipment SAS and Aseptic Services SARL), a privately-held company which distributes, designs and manufactures aseptic fluid transfer products for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.