Sanitary High-Pressure Clamps for hygienic gasket connections
In the pharmaceutical and food processing industries, down-time is highly undesirable. Sterilization cycles are carried out in the shortest possible time with high concentrations of the chemicals, high temperatures and increased flow rates.
To fulfill these requirements not only the gaskets have to provide an outstanding performance, also the clamp itself needs to maintain a uniform compression of the gasket at all times. As a result, contamination risks and the revolving need of retightening the connections can be prevented.

Load and Sealability

The Garlock PRO-CLAMP provides uniform compression across the gasket. As long as the material is able to maintain its compression, the gasket will maintain the sealing point and not require retightening. 
To illustrate the load distribution, a load print comparison was carried out for several clamp designs using a load-indicating film. The red colored zones indicate the load applied to the gasket. The load distribution of the Garlock PRO-CLAMP is extremely homogenous compared to the single-pin design. The print of the single-pin clamp shows an insufficient balance and intensity of the load distribution to the gasket. Only the Garlock PRO-CLAMP compresses the gasket evenly throughout the whole sealing surface.
Garlock Pro Clamp Load comparison
Additionally pneumatic shell bubble tests were performed initially and after 25/50/75/100 SIP (Sterilization In Place) cycle milestones. A failure of the connection during the bubble test was addressed via retightening. The diagram shows that with the Garlock PRO-CLAMP no retightening of the clamps was necessary, even after 100 SIP cycles. The other clamp designs failed the tests multiple times.
Garlock Pro-Clamp - Stop retightening gasket connections



Entrapment is the accumulation of process media within the space between the gasket and the ferrule face. Exposure cycles, both thermal and chemical, will cause the gasket material to expand and contract. The internal sealing point is the process interface between gasket and ferrule. It represents the critical point to seal and prevents leakage and entrapment. 
To measure this effect, riboflavin testing was performed after 100 SIP cycles. The focus was to investigate the presence of soil residue past the ideal sealing point of the gasket. The tests showed that only the Garlock PRO-CLAMP effectively maintained the ideal sealing point and simultaneously prevented the entrapment of media. Conversely, the single-pin and three-piece clamps were not ideal, showing multiple unacceptable entrapment risks.


Features and Benefits

  • Hygienic Design - Excellent cleanability and reduced contamination risk
  • Increased sealability - Uniformly distributed compression and higher surface pressure to gasket 
  • No Re-torqueing - The ideal sealing point of the gasket is maintained at all times
  • Increased Process Safety - Reduced contamination and blow-out risk
  • Defined torque settings - Prevents over-compression (Intrusion) and under-compression of the gasket (Leakage)

Product Specifications

  • Material 1.4301 (AISI 304) / Brass nut
  • Temperature - 210 to +260 °C   
  • Pressure Up to 50 bar
  • PED 2014/68/EU (Para. 4.3)
  • EN 764-5 (Para. 4.2)

Additional Product Information

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