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The Dual Bottom Line – No More “What Ifs”

Do you look forward to going to work? Are you actively involved in your job, and so happy with what you do that you don’t even see it as real work? Not many people can really say, “yes” to those questions, and even fewer can demonstrate that it’s really how they feel. Coming to work shouldn’t be a task that you’re forced to perform – work should be something you want to do, something you can use to improve who you are and what you can achieve. At the Garlock family of companies, turning work from a chore into a passion is our goal, and we’re achieving this through the Dual Bottom Line.

The Dual Bottom Line is, at its core, based on the idea that the development and advancement of the company is directly linked to the development of our employees. By actively encouraging employees to improve not only themselves, but also everything around them, “achieving the full release of human possibility” can be accomplished.

With the Dual Bottom Line, the individual decides what they want to accomplish, and then they pursue that goal. We urge our employees to focus on what they want, and not just meeting the demands of those around them day-in and day-out so they can go home and do the things they’re actually passionate about. Whether it’s going back to school for further training, working to be a better team member or manager, or simply looking for new ways to improve themselves and the way we do things, employees at the Garlock family of companies are embracing the Dual Bottom Line.

Safety, excellence and respect are the core values at Garlock, and these three notions are translated directly into the Dual Bottom Line. The success of our employees is related to the success of the company as a whole, and we actively promote and encourage growth and new ideas. If our employees think of something that can benefit our processes and product quality, or help make the world a safer place, then that idea is developed and integrated into our corporate routine. Considering and valuing these ideas leads to greater happiness among employees and builds respect in the eyes of their peers and superiors. By creating respect and encouraging employees and management to learn from one another, the Garlock family of companies has made great improvements not only in production and development, but also on an interpersonal level.

The Dual Bottom Line isn’t something that just Garlock embraces. The entire EnPro Industries family relies on the Dual Bottom Line, and has instituted these principles in order to advance their workplaces and expand their capabilities, especially when it comes to improving safety at work and at home.

So, here’s my real question for you: what can you do to improve yourself and your workplace, and turn something you see as just another job into your passion?