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Follow, Friend and Share with Garlock on Social Media

Last year, in an effort to extend our global reach and speak with our customers on a personal level, the Garlock family of companies took a step forward and branched out into social media. By placing ourselves prominently on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a host of other social media platforms, the Garlock family of companies has been able to interact with our customers and end users in a way we’ve never experienced before, and the results have been excellent.

Our foray into the social network wasn’t taken lightly. We chose to jump into social media for two simple reasons: to connect with our audience, and ensure our customers, end users and employees have a way to join in on the conversation, such as posting about new products, interesting events and open employment opportunities. But, as our audience began to grow and become more involved, we began directing the conversation toward more technical and market-specific topics. By posting interesting, interactive and valuable content, we feel we’re providing our customers with an open door into our world here at the Garlock family of companies.

Our venture into social media has been a rewarding and eye opening experience. By directly interacting with you, our customer, we have learned and grown in ways we never expected. We look forward to speaking with you, showing you our newest advancements and products and learning more about what interests you. To find the Garlock family of companies on social media and join in on the conversation, you can visit our TwitterFacebookLinkedInYouTube and Google+ pages.