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Garlock Gasketing Products – You Get What you Pay For

My grandfather once told me, “if you buy the bargain product, keep your expectations low.” Advice like this is applicable with most everything in life, and there are few people who understand it better than your engineers and maintenance personnel.

With gaskets, you get what you pay for, but the right gasket in the right application can easily pay for itself – and them some – while keeping your staff safer. At the Garlock family of companies, we design, manufacture and supply our sealing solutions for safety and longevity at the right price. Our gasketing materials come with high expectations, so we make sure they can handle harsh environments where corrosive media, extreme pressure and high or cycling temperatures routinely destroy lower quality gaskets. Our products don’t just fix the problem – they help improve your equipment’s reliability, something bargain gaskets won’t do.

We both know there are a lot of things you’d rather be doing than worrying about downtime and lost profits, so skip the hassle and the headache by following Grandpa’s advice and installing higher quality gaskets the first time. After all, he was a pretty smart guy.

  • For effective sealing against corrosive media, trust our GYLON® gasketing materials line
  • Battle extreme or cycling temperatures with THERMa-PUR™ gaskets
  • Seal low-load flanges in caustic environments with STRESS SAVER® gaskets
  • Help prevent contamination and improve quality with 98206 EPDM rubber sheet and3760-U MULTI-SWELL™ NSF-type gaskets