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Garlock® Marine Sealing Solutions and Field Services

As the world becomes more connected and commerce becomes more globalized, the significance and value of ocean-based shipping, oil drilling and on-site processing is increasingly important. With a greater number of products to move, a rising demand for oil and a growing need for reliable shipping, the value of carefully maintained and assembled engines, piping and other vital ship components is an absolute necessity for ensuring uninterrupted trade, transportation and manufacturing. In order to guarantee reliable engine and ship performance, it all comes down to one aspect: high-quality and thoroughly dependable marine seals, gaskets and piping.

The Garlock® family of companies proudly offers an incredibly diverse and highly specialized selection of sealing solutions specifically designed for the complex needs of the international marine sector. Our innovative gaskets and sealing products are used in a wide range of marine-based applications, including:

  • Stationary Oil Drilling Platforms
  • Floating Refineries (FPSO)
  • Shipping, Tanker and Freight Ships
  • Tugboats and Other Harbor Vessels
  • Ferries, Cruise Ships and Public Transportation Ships
  • Governmental and Military Ships
  • Salvage Ships
  • Ship Repair, Building and Conversion

This is only a small sampling of the areas our marine sealing division focuses on, but it demonstrates our diverse engineering capabilities and interest in ensuring that all marine-based equipment and machinery operates smoothly under any circumstances.

To improve on our commitment to providing unequalled sealing and safety products for ships, oil drilling platforms and dry dock repair facilities, we’ve taken this goal one step further. Garlock now offers Garlock Field Engineering, our on-site ship and drilling platform inspection, evaluation and equipment recommendation service designed to provide our customers with the best in marine-based engineering.

Garlock Field Engineering Services for the Marine Industry

When ships experience catastrophic issues while on the water, the only solution usually available to the crew is a quick, temporary fix designed to simply get the ship back to port. But these fast repairs can only last so long, and massive failure of engines, fluid transportation piping and other vital operational components at sea can be highly dangerous, destructive and costly events. The time it takes to fully repair damaged engine components while in dry dock means lost revenue and decreased business opportunities for merchandise, tanker and freight ships. Garlock understands the frustration associated with ship issues, so we are now offering Garlock Field Engineering, a new service designed to provide your ship with the solutions it needs to stay in the water.

The Garlock family of companies wants to be more than the best at making the highest quality seals for ship engines and oil drilling platforms. We aim to be the full-service, customer-oriented company you turn to when you need answers to your engineering issues, engine failures and drill platform problems. Our teams of engineers are dedicated to working closely with clients who care about and understand that innovative, high-quality sealing products can decrease their chances for engine failure or other catastrophic issues. “We want to be the engineering resource our customers rely on when they need answer to their sealing issues,” says Michael Eighmey, Garlock’s Subject Matter Expert in the Marine industry. “Whether we’re answering questions over the phone or visiting the site in person to diagnose the issues, our Field Engineering services provide the solutions your equipment needs and peace of mind knowing your needs are being met in a professional, skilled manner.”

A Garlock field engineer will visit your ship, oil drilling platform or other marine-based equipment, assess your situation and produce the best solutions for your unique needs while also promoting and improving safety standards. We will also work to educate your crews and maintenance teams on the best repair and engineering techniques. Garlock Field Engineers will also recommend the best methods for emissions compliance and environmental safety to ensure your company is maintaining a responsible position and reducing your impact on the local environment.

Decrease your time in dry dock, reduce lost profits and ensure optimal engine and drilling platform performance by partnering with the Garlock Field Engineering team.