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Abrupt Arch Design / Full Vacuum Applications

Abrupt Arch Design Family

Garlock offers fully customizable abrupt arch expansion joints for vacuum applications typically found in rigid piping systems. A variety of elastomer and fabric combinations meet the demands of temperature, pressure, and media. Garlock abrupt arch rubber expansion joints can be custom-designed for greater movement capability and easier installation. All Garlock expansion joint styles have been rigorously lab and field tested to ensure long life and reliable service.

EJ Style 204

Industry standard abrupt arch design for vacuum and pressure applications. Includes standard, High Pressure (HP), Extreme Pressure Service (EPS)...

Style 204 EVS

For continuous full vacuum applications.

ABRA-LINE Style 404

Style 404 Expansion Joints specifically configured abrupt arch design for highly abrasive applications in vacuum and pressure service. Includes...

GUARDIAN Style 200

Specifically configured abrupt arch design for chemical applications in vacuum and pressure service. Includes standard and High Pressure (HP)...