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GMEJ310 Hinged Metal Expansion Joints

Engineered for rigid piping systems

A Hinged Metal Expansion Joint contains one bellow and is designed to absorb angular rotation in one plane only by one pair of hinges. The hinges and hinge pins must be designed to restrain the thrust of the expansion joint due to internal pressure and extraneous forces.. Hinged expansion joints should be used in sets of two or three bonded to absorb combinations of movements in the piping system.

Size Availability: Standard DN200 -DN3600 (mm)

Regional Availability Restrictions: 
Available in Asia Pacific region only
Country of Origin: 

Design Conditions:

  • Design Pressure - Full vacuum ~6.89 Mpa
  • Design Temperature - 250°C to +980°C
  • Design Fatigue Life - Standard 1000 cycles or above
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