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GMEJ400 Pressure Balanced Metal Expansion Joints

Engineered for rigid piping systems

A Pressure Balanced Metal Expansion Joint is designed to absorb axial movement and/or lateral deflection while pressure loading upon piping or equipment is considered excessive or objectionable. Pressure Balanced Metal Expansion Joints restrain the pressure thrust through tie devices, where two bellows are used in the flow end and a single bellow in the balancing end. The balance bellow will be subjected only to axial movement if the tie rods are properly designed to rotate or pivot at their attachment points.

Size Availability: Standard DN200 -DN3000 (mm)

Regional Availability Restrictions: 
Available in Asia Pacific region only
Country of Origin: 

Design Conditions:

  • Design Pressure - Full vacuum ~6.89 Mpa
  • Design Temperature - 250°C to +980°C
  • Design Fatigue Life - Standard 1000 cycles or above
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