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GMEJ500 External Pressurized Metal Expansion Joints

Engineered for rigid piping systems

The External Pressurized Metal Expansion Joint is designed that the pressure is acting to the bellows externally while the inside of the bellows is at atmospheric pressure.  It has many convolutions to allow a large amount of axial movement. But under external pressure the bellows will retain its shape completely stable. Besides, external pressurized bellow is protected from external damage by a heavy wall shroud and is isolated from flow impingement by an internal sleeve.

Size Availability:  Standard DN200 -DN3600 (mm)

Regional Availability Restrictions: 
Available in Asia Pacific region only
Country of Origin: 

Design Conditions:

  • Design Pressure - Full vacuum ~6.89 Mpa
  • Design Temperature - 250°C to +980°C
  • Design Fatigue Life - Standard 1000 cycles or above
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