Heavy-duty cartridge or component seal, balanced design

The GPA is an ideal seal utilized in a broad range of abrasive applications found in the Mining, Processing and Pulp & Paper industries. With its simple, sturdy, and proven design the GPA can be adapted to almost any industrial pump, mixer or agitator. The GPA is available in a wide range of materials and configurations to suit the specific application requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Does not require a flush thus minimizing the overall operating cost
  • Designed to eliminate the risk of clogging which leads to seal failure
  • Flexible design which allows the seal to be adapted to a variety of equipment
  • Available in a cartridge design for ease of installation


  • Minimum Shaft Diameter:        0.788 in.    /    20 mm
  • Maximum Shaft Diameter:    7.085" in.   /     180 mm
  • Pressure:                To 300 psi    /     20 bar
  • Vacuum:                28" Hg     /   711 mm Hg
  • Temperature:            32° to 310° F /    0 to 154° C 


Depending on the process and the fluid to be pumped, the Garlock Klozure engineering staff will assist you in selecting the best materials for the following key components:

Seal Faces

  • U5: Tungsten carbide with Cobalt
  • U6: Tungsten carbide with Nickel
  • U8: Silicon Carbide
  • C4: Siliconized Graphite


  • B: Buna
  • E: Ethylene polypropylene
  • V: Viton
  • N: Neoprene
  • N: Neoprene
  • M5: PTFE coated
  • P1: Therban® (HNBR)
  • E: Ethylene polypropylene


  • D: Carbon Steel
  • E: Chrome Steel
  • G: 316 L Stainless steel
  • T: Cr-Ni-Mo-Cu steel for phosphoric service


  • Chemical
  • Pulp and paper
  • Mining
  • Power generation
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