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GRAPH-LOCK® Engineered Sets (Commercial Grade)

Patented cup and cone design of die-formed graphite rings

The Garlock patented cup and cone design of die-formed graphite rings—used in 9000 EVSP®, QUICKSET® 9001 valve packing sets, and DSA-series pump packing sets—provides superior performance compared to flat, die-formed rings.


  • I.D. and O.D.-specific pure graphite rings provide low friction and superior sealing at high temperatures
  • The cup & cone design increases radial expansion of the sealing rings up to 1/8in / 3.2 mm or more
  • Better sealing and room for later adjustment prolongs the life of the packing
  • Varying density of the graphite rings allows for direct loading of the center seal rings by the gland follower


  • Min. Temperature:        -328°F / -200°C
  • Max. Temperature:        850°F / 455°C
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