Cartridge design mixer seal

The 3-D seal is designed to operate in equipment where shaft movement, in all directions, is excessive and where the shaft must be sealed. The 3-D seal will accommodate up to 1.00 in / 25.4 mm shaft movement. The 3-D seal uses P/S® technology, a bearing to maintain a state of parallelism between the seal body and the shaft, as a sealing set. An expansion joint acts as a flexible member and absorbs the movement. Please note larger expansion joints will accommodate more movement than smaller ones. Repair kits are available for easy repair.


  • Compensates for extreme shaft movement
  • Can run dry
  • Custom designed to fit equipment
  • Can handle up to 1.000 in / 25.4 mm of TIR, compression, and elongation


  • Minimum Shaft Diameter:        1.000 in   /     25.4 mm
  • Maximum Pressure: 150 psi / 10 bar
  • Maximum Vacuum: Full vacuum with lip facing away from source
  • Maximum Temperature: 300°F / 148.8°C
  • Maximum Surface Speed: 2500 fpm / 12.7 m/s
  • Sleeve Finish: 4 to 6 µin / 0.10 to 0.15 µm
  • Sleeve Hardness: 50 to 70 Rockwell C
  • Sleeve Coating: Specified based on application
  • Total Indicated Runout (TIR): 1 in / 25.4 mm
  • Total Axiam Movement (TAM): 1 in / 25.4 mm (Specific movements calculated per application)


  • Sleeve and seal housing: 316SS, 20SS, Hastelloy, titanium
  • Flexible housing: PTFE, 316 SS, Hastelloy C 276


  • Chemical
  • Pulp and paper
  • Mining
  • Power generation
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