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Artículos técnicos

15 Abr. 2019
Hear what Chris Boss, Sr. Applications Engineer at Garlock has to say about Compression Packing in the October 2018 edition of Pumps and Systems magazine. Published Jan. 03, 2019.
04 Abr. 2019
In this Pumps & Systems article, Garlock Sr. Application Engineer, Matt Tones explains the importance of surface profiling. Published April 2019.
21 Dic. 2017
Pumps & Systems article provides guidance for the storage of different gasket materials to preserve their integrity.
29 Nov. 2017
A small savings from switching to an unproven product that claims to be FDA-compliant could result in product contamination, product loss due to pathogens or other microorganisms, production downtime to decontaminate and sterilize or, worst case scenario, a complete product recall.
29 Nov. 2017
Depending on the type of material being handled, especially the amount of abrasives and solids, ePTFE could be the best diaphragm material.
28 Mzo. 2017
Jim Drago co-authors an article on improper gasketed joints in a heat exchanger and what one real world application suffered.
30 En. 2017
An article written by Ming-Hang Yang and Dave Burgess for Modern Pumping Today's January 2017 publication regarding refrigerants and the right gask
25 En. 2017
David Roberts talks about design analysis and uses Wear Bands as an example in this article written for Product Design and Development's January 20
20 Dic. 2016
An article written by GPT's Richard Edwin for December 2016's World Oil Middle East. Please see page 24! 
01 Oct. 2016
Un artículo escrito por Warren Hall sobre la elección de la junta correcta para la aplicación correcta.