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02 Mar 2015
Russ Pimblett, Product/Applications Engineering Leader at Garlock GB discusses the primary use of a Bearing Isolator seal for extention and to prol
01 Jan 2015
An article written by Chris Boss for Flow Control's January publication talking about the different types of pumps and what to look for to determin
01 Sep 2014
George Bovenzi, Stephen Doherty, and Steve Pitolaj discuss the need for sealing suppliers to be ISO 9001:2008 certified to assure consistently high
15 Mar 2014
An article written by Jim Drago on correctly selecting and installing the ideal component and its benefits. 
11 Fév 2014
An article written by Jim Drago on the EPA compliance issues that are being discussed in 2014 as posted on Enviro.BLR.com's February 11th issue.
01 Déc 2013
An article written by Sherwin Damdar and Steve Cramb on the prevention of failure on expansion joints in flue gas desulfurization systems.
05 Juin 2013
Steve Pitolaj and Jim Drago detail how to perform steam-in-place (SIP) sterilization of valves with PTFE diaphragms without compromising their ster
13 mai 2013
An article written by Jim Drago for Sealing Technology Magazine on preventing gasket blow outs in flange connections for the May issue.
08 mai 2013
An Article written by Mike McNally on the proper sealing solutions for the potable water industry.
01 Avr 2013
A contribution to an article in April's edition of Chemical Engineering Magazine.