Case Study: 9000-EVSP LE Packing Set - Chemical


A large chemical facility had an issue with some valves in the EB Reactor unit where the packing is not lasting more than two weeks to a month. The end user is looking for a packing set that will withstand extreme heat and benzene service.

Challenges Faced

This application sees extreme temperatures between 800-900°F (426-482°C) and they are trying to keep process (benzene) leakage to less than 500 PPM. This has been an issue for over 17 years and previous proposed products would only last two weeks to a month. As a result of premature failure a third party would have to drill and pump injectable packing which then requires continuous servicing every month over the life of the valve. The injectable packing ruins the valve bonnet and trim.

Solutions and Benefits

Garlock proposed using a 9000-EVSP LE packing set with 1303 dry end rings along with THERMO-CERAM™ end rings at the bottom of the set closest to the media. Since the installation of the 9000-EVSP LE packing set in May 2018, they have had no issues.