PS-SEAL® PTFE Rotating Shaft Seals

PS-SEAL PTFE rotating shaft seals excel under high pressure and in extreme vacuum.

PS-SEAL PTFE Rotating Shaft Seals give you best-in-class sealing performance for a wide range of high-speed and extreme pressure conditions.

Where others fail, PS-SEALs reliably seal rotating shafts at high circumferential speeds, high pressures, and extreme temperatures. PS-SEAL's excellent chemical resistance makes it well suited for food and pharma applications, including those where FDA approval is required.

Available in a wide variety of standard or custom styles and materials, the PS-SEAL utilizes high-performance GYLON® modified PTFE to maintain contact between the seal and shaft. The result is a seal that can withstand pressures up to 50 times that of standard lip seals, surface speeds up to 45 m/s, and temperatures up to 500º F (260ºC), in both dry and abrasive environments.

The portfolio of Garlock PS-SEALs includes standard, non-standard, and special customized seals.

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Garlock PS-SEAL PTFE Rotating Shaft Seals are excellent in high circumferential speeds.

PS-SEAL Standard PTFE Rotating Shaft Seals

PS-SEAL Standard is a Garlock shaft seal consisting of a stainless steel (1.4571) case, a GYLON® BLACK seal lip, and a static sealing element made of FKM.

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Companies in the pulp and paper industry look to Garlock for the unique sealing solutions they require.

PS-SEAL Non-Standard PTFE Rotating Shaft Seals

Garlock PS-SEAL Non-Standard Seals are configurable in multiple case sizes with options for both seal lip configurations and materials, offering an economic solution for custom seals.

For more complex needs, PS-SEALs can be created based on your specifications.

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Garlock offers many marine use, waterproof, abrasion and chemical resistant sealing solutions perfect for the water and wastewater industry.

PS-SEAL Special PTFE Rotating Shaft Seals

For more unique requirements, PS-SEAL Special offers sealing options with single and multiple lip assemblies for complex applications.

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PS-SEAL® Product Videos

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