Proud to Be an Enpro Company

Garlock offers unique, rugged sealing solutions to many industries.

Garlock is proud to be a founding member of Enpro's Sealing Technologies segment.

Throughout Garlock's long history we have partnered with industry-leading companies to collaborate, innovate, and expand our product portfolio and manufacturing capabilities. Read on to learn more about our company connections within Enpro.

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Rubber Fab Technologies Group

Rubber Fab, headquartered in Sparta, NJ, is a recognized supplier of high-performance sanitary gaskets, hoses, and fittings for hygienic process industries such as pharmaceutical, bioprocessing, food and beverage. The addition of Rubber Fab in 2016 to the Garlock Family of Companies expanded Garlock’s presence and scale in the hygienic market and complemented our already comprehensive portfolio of sealing solutions. Currently, Garlock and Rubber Fab conduct business independently. Click here to visit the Rubber Fab website.

The Aseptic Group

In 2019 Enpro acquired The Aseptic Group as an addition to the Garlock Family of Companies. The Aseptic Group, comprised of Aseptic Process Equipment SAS and Aseptic Services SARL, designs and manufactures aseptic fluid transfer products for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. Currently, Garlock and The Aseptic Group conduct business independently. Click here to visit The Aseptic Group's website.

Technetics Group

In 2009 Enpro acquired Technetics. As members of Enpro’s Sealing Technologies segment, Garlock and Technetics enjoy collaboration across companies as enabled and encouraged by Enpro. Today, with 13 primary manufacturing locations and more than 1,000 employees globally, the Technetics Group has grown to be the leading manufacturer and designer of sealing and critical component solutions, including sub-systems and assemblies, in the world. To learn more about Technetics products, capabilities, and the industries they serve, click here to visit their website.


Garlock purchased Stemco in 1964 and although today we conduct business separately, Stemco and Garlock are both members of Enpro's Sealing Technologies segment, enabling collaboration across companies. Boasting a rich history of manufacturing the best seals, hub caps, bearings, axle fasteners, and king pins in the industry, Stemco manufactures a variety of products for the global commercial vehicle market. Click here to learn more about Stemco and their offerings.


In 1976 Glacier and Garlock established Glacier Garlock Bearings Inc, a joint venture between the two companies with a focus on bearings and surrounding components. Known as GGB since 2018, the company manufactures metal and metal-polymer bearings, engineered plastic bearings, fiber reinforced composite bearings, bearing assemblies, and polymer coatings.

Although Garlock and GGB conduct business separately and serve different industries, we are proud to share a storied past and exciting future as members of the Enpro family. Click here to visit the GGB website and learn more about their unique offerings.

Pipeline Seal and Insulator, Inc (PSI)

In 2011 Enpro acquired Pipeline Seal and Insulator (PSI), an established brand well known for their innovative LINK-SEAL® modular sealing system. PSI was added to Garlock Pipeline Technologies (GPT) in 2012. Although primarily manufactured and sold globally by GPT until 2021, PSI Products GmbH continued to represent the PSI brand in Germany, as they do today.

In 2021 Enpro brought the PSI product lines to Garlock, where the Garlock team is proud to manufacture, support, and continue growing these products as part of our portfolio. Click here to view our selection of Wall Penetration Products, Pipe Casing Spacers and End Seals, and Water Infiltration Sealing Systems.


In 2012, Enpro combined three businesses — PSI (Pipeline Seal & Insulator), Pikotek and FrankenPlastik — to form Garlock Pipeline Technologies, a company separate from Garlock which would come to be known as GPT.

PSI, Pikotek, and FrankenPlastik each brought field-proven products and expertise that added new dimensions and capabilities to the recently formed GPT. Acquired in 2003, Pikotek’s historical focus had been in oil and gas operations while PSI, acquired in 2011, featured proficiency in the water and wastewater sectors. Today, GPT is the world's leading manufacturer of critical-service flange systems, spring-energized jacketed seals, and electrical flange isolation kits for the oil and gas, water, wastewater, construction, and infrastructure industries. Click here to visit the GPT website.