Manufactured with a proprietary hinge-like design, Garlock’s original CHEVRON® V-rings seal automatically and react to even minor changes in pressure. When combined into multi-ring packing sets, the design allows each lip to seal independently and distribute pressure throughout the packing set, resulting in a safe and reliable seal.

Whether you are looking for high-performance food-grade seals or have an application under extremely high pressures, we have a packing sure to exceed your expectations. Our CHEVRON® V-rings are available in a wide variety of materials, from traditional rubber to plastic and even metal rings, as well as with the broadest range of sizes in the industry. Our homogeneous rubber V-rings are well suited for lower pressure applications or in combination with other materials to optimize sealing performance. Our fabric reinforced rubber packing is the workhorse of the product offering and is available in many options and configurations. Our PTFE packing family is ideal for use in chemical, food service, and high-speed applications.