TUFF-RAIL® Manway Lid Gaskets for Rail Tank Cars

Garlock offers unique, rugged sealing solutions to many industries.

Featuring raised sealing ribs and an unlimited shelf life, Garlock’s TUFF-RAIL Manway Gaskets are ideal for heavy vibration and thermal cycling.

TUFF-RAIL Manway Gaskets create a tight seal, even in less-than-ideal bolting conditions and after multiple cycles.

Leveraging our industry-proven GYLON® material, TUFF-RAIL manway lid gaskets incorporate raised sealing features that protect against creep and cold flow. TUFF-RAIL gaskets prevent leaks, ensuring compliance with stringent environmental regulations.

Reusable, crush-resistant and engineered to a single size, TUFF-RAIL gaskets fit the most common manways (AAR-1, UTC-1, TRN-1), simplifying gasket selection and inventory requirements.

Garlock has many high-temperature, abrasion resistant, and marine use sealing solutions perfect for companies in the power generation industry.

TUFF-RAIL 3504 Tank Car Manway Gaskets

Engineered with raised sealing areas, 3504 TUFF-RAIL has been proven to seal and reseal even in the most demanding manway installations.

A blend of aluminosilicate and PTFE, 3504 TUFF-RAIL Manway Gaskets offers excellent compressibility in a wide range of chemical applications.

Companies in the pulp and paper industry look to Garlock for the unique sealing solutions they require.

TUFF-RAIL 3545 Tank Car Manway Gaskets

Manufactured from 100% pure PTFE and utilizing our proprietary GYLON® technology, the 3545 TUFF-RAIL gasket is specifically designed to help address the difficult installation and sealing requirements of manways. Unique raised ribs ensure gasket performance under a limited bolt load and the narrow seating surface of a nozzle.

With unlimited shelf-life, the crush-resistant 3545 TUFF-RAIL is easily installed. These manway gaskets provide excellent load retention and maintain a tight seal during heavy vibration and thermal cycling.