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This page allows you to display basic information about your order. You will need the following information:

  1. Either the purchase order number or the Garlock Sealing Technologies order number.
  2. The postal or ZIP code for the shipTo of the ordering location. (NOTE: This may differ from the postal code of the drop ship location.)

Enter the information below and click the Submit button.

Sorry! We can't provide results based on the information you provided. Here are some tips if you would like to try again:

  • Recheck the PO number you are supplying as input. All characters are important in finding a match (spaces and dash symbols are the most common issues).
  • The PO number you are using is a third party, or end user, number. Currently our service will only provide results based on the PO number we receive from the organization that places the order with us.
  • You are searching by using the ZIP code of the dropship location. Currently our service only seaches by the ship-to ZIP of the location that would normally be shipped to. You can still get information about drop ship items but the ZIP code must be based on the standard ship-to location.
  • There are several other reasons why we may not be able to display your information. Since Purchase Order numbers are not unique, please try using the Garlock sales order number if possible. This is a unique identifier for that order.
  • We only show information about orders at this time. Quotes and RMAs will not be displayed by this service.
  • If you are inquiring about a very recent order, the information may not be available yet. Please check back within the next 24 hours. Orders placed through our eConnect service should have status available within 15 minutes. Orders placed through our eStore have status available instantly.

If you require more assistance, please visit our contact page. Please make sure you have as much of the following information on hand about your order as possible.

  • Any PO and Order numbers associated with the order.
  • Date you believe the order was placed.
  • Addresses associated with the order.

Thank you for using our services!