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BLUE-GARD’s best-in-class sealing performance saves you material, time, and labor.


GYLON high-performance PTFE material gives you a tight seal for reduced leakage and more uptime, even in the most challenging chemical and corrosive environments.


Klozure dynamic seals provide the ultimate performance and protection when uptime and reliability are critical concerns.


Get a permanent hydrostatic seal that’s perfect every time with LINK-SEAL, the original modular sealing system.


With superior cycle-life, ONE-UP Pump Diaphragms are the first choice for demanding industrial and sanitary applications.


The PS-SEAL® product line stands for reliable sealing of rotating shafts at high circumferential speed, high pressure and extreme temperatures. 


Corrosion-resistant THERMa-PUR is the only gasket material designed to withstand high pressure and temperatures up to 1,832°F / 1,000°C.


Featuring raised sealing ribs and an unlimited shelf life, Garlock’s TUFF-RAIL Manway Gaskets are ideal for heavy vibration and thermal cycling.