CMG XC - Xtreme Chemical: A Truly Chemical-Resistant, Fire-Safe Gasket

Garlock offers unique, rugged sealing solutions to many industries.

Offering a truly chemical-resistant, fire-safe solution, this corrugated core Metal Gasket with GYLON® and THERMa-PUR® facing provides fire-safety and excellent compatibility across the chemical spectrum.

Traditional fire-safe solutions rely on graphite, which is not resistant to most strong oxidizing chemicals. Additionally, graphite can introduce dark particles, contaminating the media. These characteristics make graphite unsuitable for most chemical services and high-purity applications, such as food and pharmaceuticals. The CMG XC is graphite-free and well-suited for high-purity applications across a wide range of industries.

As a corrugated metallic gasket with GYLON® 3545 as the primary sealing element, the CMG XC provides excellent chemical compatibility, compressibility and purity. With THERMa-PUR® as its secondary sealing element, the CMG XC has the added benefit of being fire safe. In an independent laboratory study, the CMG XC outlasted competitive options, passing the API 6FB fire testing requirements where others failed.

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