Developed over years as an industry leader, the Garlock gasket sheet material portfolio includes a wide array of options to ensure a sealing solution for even the most demanding applications. Whether it’s less than ideal flanges, pressure and temperature extremes, or aggressive media, Garlock has an answer for your greatest challenges.

GYLON®, known industry wide as the material of choice for severe chemical services, is offered as a traditional flat sheet as well as with the new EPIX® profiled surface option, which is ideal for misaligned, worn, or pitted flanges.

Garlock’s Compressed Fiber Gasket Sheet Material uses a time-tested proprietary manufacturing process, and covers everything from general service to extreme applications.

Garlock’s Premium Rubber family of products are manufactured using high-quality homogeneous rubber compounds, unlike commercial or utility rubber products, which are made with low-quality blends, prone to media incompatibility and gasket failure.