Garlock Regional Websites

Garlock's global affiliates maintain regional websites specific to the markets they serve.

Browse below to visit Garlock's affiliate regional websites where you can find detailed local information and additional product offerings.

Garlock Australia

Garlock Australia offers an expanded applications team and the widest, most experienced distribution network in the Australia to help businesses across the region stop leaks, protect the environment, and increase profits.

Garlock China

Garlock China maintains a website in full Chinese designed to help our customers and distributors in mainland China.

Garlock Europe

Garlock Europe offers a product portfolio that is precisely tailored to the needs of our European customers and their industries. Garlock Germany is the manufacturing hub for GYLON BIO-LINE®, PS-SEAL® and Butterfly Valves. Due to our applications team we can offer many services. Click here for the European Solution Portfolio.

Garlock Singapore

Garlock Singapore is the regional hub of high performance fluid sealing solutions for Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea across multiple industries that include food, beverage, and pharmaceutical. In addition to Garlock products, Garlock Singapore has partnered with Kest, Neumo, Rieger, and SED to offer supplemental hygienic and aseptic products.

Garlock Taiwan

Maintained by our affiliate location in Kaohsiung City, Garlock Taiwan showcases local products and services on their regional Chinese language website.