Our LUBRIKUP® Polished Rod Packing is available in most stuffing box sizes and configurations, ensuring that you have the right product for your application. We offer packing for everything from basic applications to extreme temperatures and chemicals.

LUBRIKUP® Cone Packing, LONG-LIFE™, and LUBRIPAK™ are constructed of proprietary rubber compounds to ensure optimal performance and a long-lasting seal. Our Fluid-Seal™ Rod Packing (FSRP) has center rings that flare open under pressure creating a tight seal to optimize performance with low emission boxes or very high pressures. Our Fluid-Seal™ Cone Packing (FSCP) and Fluid-Seal™ Dome Packing (FSDP) use the same pressure activated technology as our FSRP sets and are available for those interested in improved performance over standard cone and dome packing.

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