Garlock provides webinars to help train and educate users on a regular basis. Find our current webinar schedule below and check back frequently as we add new events!
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GFSA Fundamentals of Fluid Sealing, Series 1

Topic: Selection and Installation

This series of 10 classes covers the basics of fluid sealing, from proper installation to advanced topics like reducing fugitive emissions. Click the link below to see full class listings and past class recordings.

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GFSA Fundamentals of Fluid Sealing, Series 2

Topic: Troubleshooting & Failure Analysis

Building on the information discussed in Series 1, Series 2 covers the advanced topics of fluid sealing as they relate to troubleshooting and failure analysis. Click the link below to see full class listings and past class recordings.

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Technical Insights

Topic: Varied Material

These presentations, led by Garlock subject matter experts, tackle tough topics such as sealing solutions for high misalignment rotating equipment and more! Click the link below to view past sessions on demand.

GFSA Fundamentals of Fluid Sealing Live Webinar Series

We are excited to present our Garlock Fluid Sealing Academy (GFSA) webinars! These sessions provide technical education on each of our product lines and are led by Garlock's engineering team of industry experts.

GFSA is broken up into 2 parts:

Who should attend?

These webinars are intended for anyone involved with sealing design, installation, repair, support or sales of Garlock sealing products, including current distributors and end-users, including:

  • Installation and repair technicians
  • Design and reliability engineers
  • Inside and outside sales representatives ​ ​

Series 1: Selection and Installation

Safety, Performance and Reliability are key indicators to the success of any business. However, sealing products are often overlooked as a significant contributing factor to these metrics. An improperly selected or incorrectly installed sealing product can quickly lead to injuries, downtime, and environmental impacts.

These nine informative training sessions focus on proper product selection for your service conditions and review installation best practices to provide optimum performance from the Garlock sealing products used in your operation.

Use the links in the adjacent table to watch previous recordings of our Selection and Installation series.

Date Topic Link
9/21/2021 KLOZURE® Oil Seals Video Recording
9/28/2021 Gasketing Video Recording
10/5/2021 Expansion Joints Video Recording
10/12/2021 KLOZURE® Bearing Isolators Video Recording
10/19/2021 Hydraulics Product Selection Video Recording
10/26/2021 Compression Packing Video Recording
11/02/2021 Valves Video Recording
11/09/2021 Diaphragms Video Recording
11/16/2021 KLOZURE® Mechanical Seals Video Recording
11/30/2021 PSI Products Video Recording

Series 2: Troubleshooting and Failure Analysis

All sealing product failures can be prevented. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! In our previous webinar series focused on Selection and Installation, we learned about the importance of reviewing the service conditions (STAMPS) and proper installation. Knowing that issues do arise from time to time with the performance of a sealing product, it’s important to evaluate and understand why it happened. Was it the product? Was it the equipment? Was it the installation? What should you be looking for?

In these sessions, we will take an in-depth look at real examples of products that failed, what the causes were, what those causes look like and how to avoid or correct them to prevent future performance issues.

Use the links in the adjacent table to register for upcoming webinars or watch recordings of past sessions.

Date Topic Link
04/12/2022 KLOZURE® Oil Seals Video Recording
04/14/2022 Gasketing Video Recording
04/19/2022 Expansion Joints Video Recording
04/21/2022 KLOZURE® Bearing Isolators Video Recording
04/26/2022 Hydraulics Video Recording
04/28/2022 Compression Packing Video Recording
5/10/2022 PSI Products Video Recording
05/12/2022 KLOZURE® Mechanical Seals Video Recording
05/17/2022 Diaphragms Video Recording
05/19/2022 Valves Video Recording

Garlock Technical Insights

Join us to learn about various topics from industry experts including guest speakers from Garlock.

A person applies knowledge from webinar to job effort.
Date Topic Link
07/28/2021 Expansion Joints for Abrasive Medias Video Recording
2021 Sealing Solutions for High Misalignment Rotating Equipment Video Recording