LUBRIKUP® Molded Cups and Packing are specifically designed for the oil production industry and have the widest range of availability and performance offerings. With Downhole Sucker Rod Pump Cups and Rings as well as Polished Rod Stuffing Box Packing, we have the product to get you the performance you need.

For optimal sealing performance in stuffing boxes, we offer our Fluid-Seal™ line of products. Fluid-Seal™ utilizes unique rings that flare open under pressure to create a tight seal, minimize emissions, and offer the most extended life in the industry! Our Fluid-Seal™ technology is offered in cone, dome, and rod stuffing box packing.

Our Downhole Sucker Rod Pump options include Composition Rings, Pressure Actuated (PA) Rings, Valve Cups, and Seat Cups. All downhole options are available in a wide range of materials to get you the value and life you are looking for.