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Article: Streamlining Quality Assurance

March 1, 2024

What are the benefits of in-house validation testing in expansion joint manufacturing?

Find out the answer in this article written by Garlock's Lindsay Hornbeck, Nicholas Wheeler, and Ming-Hang Yang.

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Article: Determining Low-Temperature Ratings for Rubber Seals

February 17, 2024

In this article, Product Engineer Sarah Young and Applications Engineer Brett Yoder explore creating safe product usage guidelines, focusing on how to determine low-temperature ratings for industrial rubber seals.

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Article: Bridging the Gap with Case Studies and Real-World Results

February 12, 2024

In this insightful article, Garlock Engineer Jim Drago explores how to bridge the gap between theory and practice with case studies and real-world results.

Learn how Garlock gaskets offer a tolerance for poor conditions and variation of installation practices while maintaining a seal.

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Article: The Capabilities of Expansion Joints

January 15, 2024

Why is validation testing a critical step for performance expansion joint design? Backed by validation testing, performance expansion joints are among the industry’s safest and most reliable.

In this article from Garlock engineers Derek Hicks and Lindsay Hornbeck, you'll read about three key areas where functional testing can make all the difference when validating a design for a specific end-use.

Click here to read the full article in Pumps & Systems Magazine.

Article: Performance Expansion Joints: More Than Meets the Eye

December 13, 2023

Material validation is critical when designing a high-performance expansion joint. Therefore, it is important to know what is on the inside of the expansion joint and not just the outside. Numerous issues could arise from improper material selection and layering construction that will ultimately affect the life and performance of the expansion joint. In this article, you'll learn about the benefits of investing in high-performance expansion joints.

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Article: Addressing Sealing Challenges in Rotating Equipment for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

July 31, 2023

The most challenging operational environments for sealing mixers, agitators, and pumps are often found in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In this article, Garlock Senior Application Engineer Joshua Cavinee highlights some of the common environments within these industries, how the operating conditions affect seal design and selection, and shares some solutions to maintain a high level of performance in rotating equipment.

Click here to read the full article in Processing Magazine.

Article: Addressing Premature Failure in Elastomeric Gaskets

July 31, 2023

Water treatment challenges continue to worsen as municipalities grapple with the risk of encountering premature failure in elastomeric gaskets. Such a risk brings up several problems, including reduced efficiency, sudden equipment failure, contamination, and costly maintenance and downtime.

In this article, Garlock Fluid Sealing Specialist Nick Pucci discusses addressing premature failure in elastomeric gaskets.

Click here to read the full article in Treatment Plant Operator Magazine.

13 Common Questions Regarding Rotating Shaft Seals

March 7, 2023

Rotating shaft seals can be found in virtually every facet of daily lives—household appliances, cars, trucks and across industries. Though often treated as a commodity product, their failure can result in costly downtime and lost productivity. In this article, Senior Applications Engineer Karyn Stratton answers some frequently asked questions on Rotating Shaft Seals.

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Fluid Handling: Pushing the Limit With Graphite Seals

February 13, 2023

While new solutions are exciting, sometimes the best practice is to utilize existing technology in a novel way. In the case of valve-stem packing, mechanical limitations can negatively impact process efficiencies leading to premature failure. In this article by Applications Engineer Brennan Hughes, you'll learn how to prevent system failures with new approaches to valve-stem packing.

Click here to read the full article in Chemical Processing Magazine.

GPT is no longer an Enpro company.

Enpro Completes Divestiture of GPT

January 30, 2023

Enpro successfully completed the divestiture of GPT, formerly known as Garlock Pipeline Technologies, which was formed in 2012 when Enpro combined three businesses: PSI, Pikotek, and FrankenPlastik. In 2021 Enpro brought the PSI product lines to Garlock, where the Garlock team is proud to manufacture, support, and continue developing these products. GPT is the world's leading manufacturer of critical-service flange systems, spring-energized jacketed seals, and electrical flange isolation kits for various industries, including oil and gas, water, wastewater, construction, and infrastructure.

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An article about the low cost of high-grade PTFE diaphragms was written by by Alex Eanniello, applications engineer at Garlock.

The Low Cost of High-Grade PTFE Diaphragms

Dec 13, 2022

When selecting an appropriate diaphragm material to meet the needs of an application, a balance of functionality and cost-effectiveness must be met. Learn more about the correlation between performance and savings in this Fluid Handling International article written by Alex Eanniello, Applications Engineer at Garlock.

Click here for the full article in Fluid Handling International. 

Hafeez Hameer, Garlock Sealing Technologies, Receives the 2022 Robert K. Callahan Future Leader Award

Garlock Business Development Manager Hafeez Hameer Awarded 2022 Robert K. Callahan Future Leader Award

December 15, 2022

During the PTDA Industry Summit in October, Garlock's Hafeez Hameer was presented with the Robert K. Callahan Future Leaders Award. The award recognizes a young leader who exhibits a true passion for the industry and a desire to grow within the industry. 

Click here to see Hafeez accept his award.

Selecting Seals for the Uptick in Upstream Oil Production

Selecting Seals for the Uptick in Upstream Oil Production

SEPTEMBER 19, 2022

Upstream oil operations have improved their efficiency and capability of pulling greater quantities of oil out of the ground. Engineers achieve this by drilling deeper, using enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and running at higher temperatures. Although effective, these tactics can pose challenges to the seals used in pumps and compressors, as they often create demanding operating environments. 

In this article, Garlock Project Engineer,​ Sarah Young, and Garlock Applications Engineer, Brett Yoder, explain how seal selection can help you achieve efficiency, productivity, and safety in upstream oil production.

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In this article written by Garlock Senior Applications Engineer Matt Tones, you’ll learn how gasket selection can affect performance in pulp and paper systems.

Small Components Make a Big Difference: The Sealing Systems of Pulp & Paper Mills

August 16, 2022

In the pulp and paper industry, larger, more expensive pieces of equipment tend to get the most attention. However, components such as gaskets and seals play a crucial role in the overall process.

In this article written by Garlock Senior Applications Engineer Matt Tones, you’ll learn how gasket selection can affect performance in pulp and paper systems.

Click here to read the full article in Pumps and Systems Magazine.

WavePro is Garlock's new made-to-order, low-loss dielectric material for antennas

Garlock Enters Wireless Communications Industry with WavePro®

August 8, 2022

Garlock has announced the launch of WavePro®, a new made-to-order, low-loss dielectric material for antennas. The news comes after an overwhelmingly positive response to the official release of WavePro® in June at the International Microwave Symposium in Denver, Colorado.

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An article about Expansion Joints was written by Garlock Product Designer, Jeff Blanks was recently featured in Pumps and Systems Magazine.

Extend Equipment Life with Bearing Isolator Labyrinth Seals

June 1, 2022

An article written by Garlock Product Designer, Jeff Blank, was recently featured in Pumps and Systems Magazine.

While the use of oil seals to retain lubrication in rotating machinery is common, bearing isolator labyrinth seal technology is often selected to protect bearings and lubrication. Manufacturers, repair facilities and users often select bearing isolators for use in harsh applications where conditions such as contamination, shaft misalignments and equipment vibrations are a concern to avoid frequent replacement.

Click here to read the full article in Pumps and Systems Magazine.

An article about Expansion Joints was written by Garlock Product Engineer, Brandon Phillips and recently featured in Pumps and Systems Magazine.

Your Guide to Expansion Joints in Pulp and Paper

May 1, 2022

An article written by Garlock Product Engineer, Brandon Phillips, was recently featured in Pumps and Systems Magazine.

The pulp and paper industry provides products—such as paper stationery, cups, tissues and paper-based packaging, including cardboard—that are integral to modern life. The process of manufacturing paper products is complex and choosing the right expansion joint is important for optimizing performance.

Click here to read the full article in Pumps and Systems Magazine.

Barb Ross accepts the Wendy B. McDonald award, November 2021

Garlock Sales Director Barbara Ross Awarded the 2021 Wendy B. McDonald Award

November 15, 2021

During the PTDA Industry Summit in October, Barbara Ross, Director of Sales – Rotary Seals, was presented with the Wendy B. McDonald Award. The award recognizes a woman who is a critical contributor to her company’s success and has affected positive change on the power transmission/motion control industry.

Click here to see Barb Ross accept her award.

Announcing Garlock's New Website

Announcing the All-New

November 5, 2021

Our team has been hard at work creating a new website experience designed around the features customers told us they wanted most:

  • New Digital Product Catalog
  • Search and Sort: Find SKU Level Parts Faster
  • Technical Documents on Every Product

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Garlock Fluid Sealing Academy Webinar Series: Selection and Installation

September 30, 2021

Join us Tuesdays this fall 12pm-1pm EST to learn about sealing solutions from Garlock’s expert staff. Running September 21 – November 30, this 10-session series covers a basic introduction, product selection, installation, and best practices for each Garlock product line. These 45-minute trainings are the perfect way to broaden your product knowledge and include a 15-minute Q&A where attendees can ask application-specific questions.

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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers promotes the art, science & practice of multidisciplinary engineering around the globe.

ASME vs AWWA Flanges and Gaskets- Technical Bulletin

January 15, 2021

Often times gaskets for AWWA flanges are ordered as 150# or 300# ring or full face gaskets. Unfortunately, this can lead to customers receiving the wrong size gaskets. Not only are the flange dimensions different in some situations, but the dimensions for the gaskets may differ as well.

Click here to download a PDF of this Technical Bulletin.

Garlock is proud to be an Enpro company.

EnPro Unveils New Global Brand in Recognition of Business Portfolio Transformation

March 29, 2021

EnPro Industries, Inc. (NYSE: NPO), a leading industrial technology company leveraging materials science across its portfolio of businesses, today announced that in recognition of the transformation of its business portfolio, it is launching a global rebrand to “Enpro” and adopting a new corporate logo.

Click here to read the full announcement on Enpro's website.

Garlock shares an update regarding Covid 19.

Garlock's Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - U.S. & Canada

March 30, 2020

We are operating as a supplier of essential products to essential industries exempting us from the in-person headcount reductions being mandated state-wide in New York. We remain open and operating to continue providing the goods and services so desperately needed during these uncertain times.

We will continue to monitor the situation and notify our customers at the earliest of any additional changes that will impact us or you during this time.

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Garlock was featured on WROC 8.

In The News: Garlock Thrives for Over a Century in Wayne County

January 20, 2020

Garlock's 132+ year history was the subject of a feature run on WROC 8 9/18/2019 and featured again recently as part of the Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC Series. Interviewee Pu DeMarco, Manager of Financial Reporting and Analysis, along with David Campos, Director of Sales, discussed Garlock’s longevity and business values during their conversation.

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Garlock presents FLOOD-GARD bearing isolators.

Introducing FLOOD-GARD™ Bearing Isolator

June 17, 2019

Garlock is proud to launch FLOOD-GUARD™ Bearing Isolators, which offer the proven performance of Garlock bearing isolators while being built specifically for flooded applications. The patent-pending seal design provides bearing protection even in the most challenging flooded environments, extending the life of rotating equipment such as gearboxes, pumps and motors.

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Garlock is proud to be an Enpro company.

EnPro Industries Announces Acquisition of The Aseptic Group

July 2, 2019

EnPro Industries, Inc. (NYSE: NPO) today announced it has acquired The Aseptic Group (comprising Aseptic Process Equipment SAS and Aseptic Services SARL), a privately-held company which distributes, designs and manufactures aseptic fluid transfer products for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. The Aseptic Group will become part of EnPro’s Garlock Family of Companies, a leading global supplier of high-performance sealing and fluid handling products to process industries.

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Garlock offers industry-leading oil and gas sealing solutions.

Article: Enhanced Surface Profiles for Gaskets by Matt Tones

April 15, 2019

Garlock Sr. Application Engineer, Matt Tones explains the importance of surface profiling in this Pumps and Systems magazine article released this month

Click here to read the full article on their website.

Article by Chris Boss explains How to Inviestigate Compression Packing Failure Modes

Article: How to Investigate Compression Packing Failure Modes by Chris Boss

January 03, 2019

Garlock Sr. Applications Engineer Chris Boss explains the best methods for investigating Compression Packing Failures and their causes in this October 2018 edition of Pumps and Systems magazine.

Click here to read the full article on their website.

A photo of the grand opening ceremony celebrating Garlock Suzhou's opening.

Garlock Suzhou Plant Grand Opening

December 04, 2018

Garlock is pleased to announce the grand opening of Garlock & Technetics Group in Suzhou, China. Over 100 guests from more than 70 enterprises attended the ceremony this past week as part of the celebration.

“We have developed relationships with key Chinese customers in the fields of energy, steel, chemical and pulp and paper” said Mr. Michael Faulkner, President of Garlock Sealing Technologies. “We are working to partner with those customers to develop innovative products designed to meet the unique requirements of the Chinese market. And through that partnering and innovation, we are building awareness of both the Garlock brand and of our noble goal of protecting people and the environment.”

Garlock has many high-temperature ultra durable sealing soutions perfect for the primary metal industry.

Introducing ABRA-SHIELD™

September 25, 2018

Introducing ABRA-SHIELD™, an Expansion Joint Material Designed for Abrasion Protection Garlock is proud to launch ABRA-SHIELD®, a proprietary expansion joint liner material designed for abrasion resistance and sustainability in demanding high temperature operating conditions.

As the newest addition to Garlock’s family of abrasion resistant expansion joint materials, ABRA-SHIELD® will join ABRA-LINE® and Natural Rubber to provide a variety of liners that cater to increased abrasion protection. ABRA-SHIELD™ will be an option for use with a number of expansion joint products that Garlock offers – including styles 204, 206, 7250, 8400 and 9394.  These uniquely constructed joints also provide high levels of protection from stress, misalignment, vibration, noise, shock and corrosion.