About Us

Garlock is a global company with locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Singpore, China, and more.

Garlock is a global manufacturer of high-performance sealing solutions with an emphasis on safety, longevity, and productivity. We work closely with our end-user customers, distribution partners, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), industry associations, and government entities to understand their unique sealing challenges and respond with innovative solutions that keep people safe and the environment protected.

With a history dating back over 130 years, Garlock today maintains a global presence of manufacturing and distribution facilities that allow us to meet our customers’ needs with unprecedented responsiveness and ingenuity.

By combining the most innovative products with unparalleled service and a strong commitment to the environment, we deliver solutions that improve plant productivity, reduce costs, and comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Garlock, also known as Garlock Sealing Technologies, is an Enpro (NYSE: NPO) company.

A Culture of Excellence, Guided by Safety

Quite simply, safety is what we do. Our sealing solutions protect millions of people every day from exposure to life-threatening materials. And when purity is vital, such as in food and pharmaceutical applications, Garlock products protect the process from external contaminants. Durability, ease of maintenance, and other benefits are essential to the value of using a Garlock sealing solution, but without safety, none of those other factors would matter.

Garlock workers wear personal protective gear as part of our commitment to safety.This commitment to safety also extends to our own facilities. Garlock is heavily invested in creating a safe workplace and empowering our employees to take ownership and responsibility for the safety of themselves and their co-workers. Our exemplary safety record contributes significantly to Enpro’s frequent recognition as one of the nation’s safest companies.

Garlock Safety Pledge:
"I pledge to personally be involved in creating an injury-free workplace. My dedication to creating a safe workplace free of all injuries will be absolute and clear through my actions."

A History of Innovation

3D printing and other rapid prototyping tools help Garlock explore new ideas quickly.At Garlock, we pride ourselves on developing solutions, not just products. That means fostering a culture of innovation that springs from a deep understanding of our customers’ industries and their unique sealing challenges. From there, our materials and applications engineers set to work developing the material combinations and designs that best meet those needs.

Garlock operates state-of-the-art research, development, and testing facilities that continue to advance the state of the sealing industry to meet the rapidly changing demands of the markets we serve. From materials development to product design, we never stop looking for ways to better meet our customers’ needs.

Throughout our 130-year history, this approach to product innovation has led to numerous game-changing technologies that delivered unprecedented value, longevity, and reliability for our customers.

We first revolutionized the industry with the formulation of GYLON® restructured PTFE gaskets over 55 years ago and have since continued introducing ground-breaking products, including:

  • GYLON EPIX®- The next generation in PTFE gaskets
  • PUR-GARD®- FDA compliant, metal detectable and x-ray inspectable
  • FLOOD-GARD™- Bearing isolators for fully flooded applications
  • TUFF-RAIL® 3504- PTFE with aluminosilicate microspheres

Environmentally Conscious

We understand and champion the drive for a reduced carbon footprint both at our customers’ facilities and our own manufacturing plants. As such, we continually work to introduce products that are environmentally friendly while also meeting our customers’ sealing objectives.

Garlock is also focused on the creation of a more environmentally sustainable workplace. Since 2005, Garlock has invested over $35 million USD in these initiatives including replacement of inefficient wastewater treatment plants, restoration of valuable wetland on campus, and construction of new, energy-efficient manufacturing facilities.

Preserving the beauty and resources of our planet is of great importance to everyone at Garlock.

Garlock is an Enpro Company.

Proud to Be an Enpro Company

Garlock is proud to be a founding member of Enpro's Sealing Technologies segment. To learn more about our sister companies in Sealing Technologies, The Garlock Family of Companies, and other Enpro segments, click here.