THERMa-PUR® Extreme Heat Gasket Material

THERMa-PUR high-temperature gaskets go where graphite can't. This unique material is hydrophobic, oxidation resistant, and approved for temps up to 1,000 degrees Celsius.

Corrosion-resistant THERMa-PUR is the only gasket material designed to withstand high pressure and temperatures up to 1,832°F / 1,000°C.

Trusted for use in rocket boosters, THERMa-PUR takes on conditions that graphite cannot. This high-performance gasket material maintains an effective seal during pressure and temperature fluctuations, with excellent torque retention for lower leakage rates and less maintenance time.

THERMa-PUR’s is hydrophobic and resists water absorption and oxidation, keeping metallic gaskets in shape for a longer-lasting seal. When it’s time for removal, THERMa-PUR prevents gaskets from sticking to flanges, making removal easy and fast.

THERMa-PUR is the only high-heat gasket solution approved for use up to 1,832 degrees.

THERMa-PUR Gasket Sheet Material

THERMa-PUR Sheet Material, available in a variety of sizes, is perfect for applications where extreme temperatures, oxidation, corrosion, and chemical compatibility are a concern.

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THERMa-PUR extreme temperature gaskets are perfect for solid oxide fuel cells, biomass gasification process, mineral and fertilizer processing, and incineration processes.

THERMa-PUR Fabricated Non-Metallic Gaskets

With a patent-pending fiber core, THERMa-PUR Non-Metallic gaskets provide safer handling when compared to traditional high-temperature gaskets with steel cores.

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Garlock THERMa-PUR offers the only corrugated metal gaskets with heat ratings up to 1,832 degrees F.

THERMa-PUR Metallic Gaskets

In addition to withstanding extreme high temperatures, Garlock’s Metal Gaskets featuring THERMa-PUR excel in high-pressure and chemical exposure. Available in standard and custom configurations, these rugged metal gaskets accommodate many applications, including fire safe.