Garlock China

Garlock China was established in January 2008, headquartered in Shanghai, and has an independent manufacturing center in Suzhou.

Proud to provide advanced sealing solutions to Asia.

SinFlex Sealing Technologies introduced Garlock into the China market in 1995 as an authorized distributor, and in 2003, Garlock established a representative office in Shanghai.

Today, Garlock China has over 80 employees working in the main office in Shanghai and regional sales offices in Beijing, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen. Garlock China carries the full line of Garlock products, including those from GSP and GPT, as well as certain products from the Technetics Group.

In addition to spiral wound metal gaskets, kammprofile metal gaskets, non-metallic pipe flange gaskets, welded GYLON, EVSP packings, and KLOZURE oil seals are all manufactured in Shanghai, China for the Asian market.

Garlock China has a website in full Chinese to support their region.

Visit Garlock China's website, featuring fully Chinese content.

Up-to-date news and product information can be found by visiting this regional website, designed to help our customers and distributors in mainland China.