Style 8420 SPLIT Expansion Joints

  • Style/Model: Style 8420 SPLIT
  • ABS Certified: No
  • ADI/TSE Free: No
  • API 589 Compliant: No
  • API607Compliant: No
  • API622Compliant: No
  • DFARS Compliant: No
  • FDA Compliant: No
  • Fire Safe: No
  • KTW Compliant: No
  • NSF® 61 Certified: No
  • Oxygen Service: No
  • REACH Compliant: No
  • RoHS Compliant: No
  • USDA Approved: No
  • USP VI 661 Compliant: No
  • USP VI 87 Compliant: No
  • USP VI 88 Compliant: No

Style 8420 Split™ is typically used in applications where small piping limits the use of flanged connections. An example of this includes vacuum pump inlets and outlets in pulp and paper applications. It is also used as a temporary repair for piping that has cracked. It can be provided in the split design or as a sleeved product. Adhesives kits are also available for easy installation.


  • Pipe Openings: to 6in. / 150mm
  • Clamps Required: 4
  • Thickness - 2in / 50.8mm to 12in / 304.8mm ID: 0.25in / 6.4mm
  • Thickness - 14in / 355.6mm) to 24in / 609.6mm ID: 0.375in / 9.5mm
  • Max. Pressure: to 15psi / 1bar
  • Max. Vacuum: to 14in. Hg / 356 mm Hg
  • Max. Temperature (Std. Adhesive): 165°F / 74°C
  • Max. Temperature (VITON® Adhesive): 400°F / 204°C
  • Movement: Vibration only
  • Max. Lateral Misalignment: 0.5in / 12.7mm
  • Joint Width: 8in / 203.2mm to 12in / 304.8mm
  • Offered as split design or sleeved product
  • Adhesives kits are also available for easy installation

Note: Clamps are not provided

Contact Garlock to for additional information and assistance with specifying the product for the application.

  • Overview

Features and Benefits:

  • Split design eliminates equipment disassembly, reducing costly downtime
  • Available in EPDM, nitrile and fluoroelastomer in sizes from 2in / 5cm to 24in / 61 cm
  • Can be customized for your application; contact Garlock with your specifications

Typical Applications:

  • All types of vacuum pumps
  • Non-flanged piping
  • Small, irregular openings
  • Low-pressure and vacuum applications
  • Vacuum pump inlets and outlets in pulp and paper applications
  • Temporary repair for piping that has cracked