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8314 - Premium Grade EPDM Rubber Sheet

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Rubber Gasket

This high performance gasket material resists weathering, ozone, and UV exposure.


  • Incompressible – can be deformed, depending on durometer and cross section, but can never be reduced in volume
  • Extensible – can be assembled over a projection or shoulder and snap tightly within a groove
  • Highly impermeable – can serve as a tight barrier against the passage of gases or liquids
  • Elastic – little flange pressure required to effect intimate contact with gasket, allowing it to move with the flange surfaces, always maintaining a seal
  • Complies with RMA (Rubber Manufacturing Association)


  • Min. Temperature:        -40°F      /          -40°C
  • Max. Temperature:        300°F    /        150°C
  • Max. Pressure:        250 PSI       /     17 bar
  • Maximum PxT 1/16:    30,000 (°F x PSIG)    /    900 (°C x bar)
  • Maximum PxT 1/8:        30,000 (°F x PSIG)    /    900 (°C x bar)



Flange Surfaces

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