Style 433
CHEVRON® Packings for High Pressure Service

In unusually high-pressure applications, CHEVRON® packing might need to be reinforced to prevent undue distortion from this extreme pressure. The following are examples of some design considerations that can be used to overcome problems experienced with standard components (such as 432, 433, etc.).

When pressure ranges exceed those normally satisfied with standard Style 432, 433 or 532 adapters, the stronger rockhard adapters such as 260RH, 261RH, and 7857RH should be considered.

When a problem relates to excessive clearances, a close tolerance phenolic (Style 155) or bronze bushing installed behind the female adapter will act as additional support and reduce the extrusion gap. A phenolic or bronze female adapter will serve the same purpose.

These configurations have been used successfully to extend the life of CHEVRON® packing sets. However, specific applications should be considered on an individual basis, taking into account the type of equipment, size, temperature, media being sealed, pressure, surface speed, condition of equipment, and any other contributing factors.

Style 433

For straight phosphate-ester fluids having no oil or hydrocarbon additives.

Style 435 CHEVRON

For lower pressure general service applications.

Style 532

For moderate to high temperature, oil, or steam applications.

Style 7857

Excellent for water and high pressure service.

Style 432 CHEVRON

General hydraulic oils, water emulsions, multi-purpose.

Deep V-Ring Packing

For large diameter, deep stuffing box applications

Style 7532

For high temperature, oil, or steam applications.

Style 7910

For all except very low pH fluids. A problem solver!

Style 260-261RH

For worn or misaligned equipment where extrusion-resistant adapters are needed.