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GYLON BIO-PRO® Highly resistant hygienic gasket for TRI-CLAMP couplings

Highly Resistant Hygienic Gasket for TRI-CLAMP Couplings

GYLON BIO-PRO® seals provide a safe and durable solution for protecting the integrity of food and pharmaceutical processing media. Its modified and restructured PTFE material is pre-formed and stress controlled for all standard TRI-CLAMP connections. It is dimensionally stable and resists intrusion.

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  • No intrusion and no cold flow
  • Excellent for all process temperatures
  • High resistance to almost all chemicals and temperature cycles
  • Reduces inventory
  • Reduces risk of improper installation
  • Maintains excellent sealing characteristics under vibration, flange misalignment and high temperature differentials
  • Can be installed in a wide range of pressure connections
  • Reduces downtime and costs
  • Resistant to all SIP and CIP processes


  • Min. Temp: -346°F / -210°C
  • Max. Temp 500°F / 260°C
  • Seal dimensions in accordance with DIN 32676, DIN 11850, ISO 1127, ASME BPE-2009, ISO 2852 and SMS 3019


  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical


  • Produced in Germany
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