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GYLON® Standard Style 3501-E (Europe only)

Universal gasket for applications in Chemical and Petrochemical Markets

The first choice for universal applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries. The combination of high pressure/temperature (P x T) and minimal cold flow far exceeds the performance of conventional PTFE.

Regional Availability Restrictions: 
Available in European Markets Only


  • Tight seal
  • Improved performance over conventional PTFE
  • Reduced product loss and emissions
  • Reduced creep relaxation
  • Unique manufacturing process minimizes cold flow problems typical of skived and expanded PTFE sheets
  • Excellent bolt torque retention
  • Withstands a wide range of chemicals for extended service life in a wide variety of applications
  • Offers some of the largest sheet sizes in the industry
  • Improved material utilization reduces waste
  • Branding and color coding reduces misapplication
  • Will not support flame
  • Will not support bacterial growth


  • Available in sheet or cut gasket form
  • Color: Brick
  • Available in Full face or ring
  • Available in (mm) 0,8, 1,0, 1,6, 2,0, 3,2, 4,8, 6,4
  • Min. Temperature: -268°C
  • Max. Temperature:  260°C
  • Max. Pressure: 83 bar
  • Maximum PxT 1/16: 12,000 bar x °C
  • Maximum PxT 1/8: 8,600 bar x °C


  • Strong acids (except hydrofluoric acid)
  • Solvents
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Water
  • Steam
  • Chlorine
  • Cryogenics
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