Synthetic pump packing that combines the abrasive resistance and thermal stability of fiber-infused PTFE yarns with the flexibility of our SYNTHEPAK® yarns.

Premium performance comes from an innovative blend of two yarns. Fiber-infused PTFE yarns offer abrasion resistance and thermal stability, and our exclusive SYNTHEPAK® yarns retain flexibility and resilience, and ensure even load distribution.


  • Cuts, wraps, and installs easily
  • Remains flexible in service, greatly reducing maintenance time
  • Longer packing and equipment life mean significant cost savings


  • Min. Temperature            -450°F / -267.8°C
  • Max. Temperature:            500°F / 260°C
  • Max. Rotary Pump Pressure:    300 psi / 20.7 bar
  • Max. Rotary Pump Speed:    2,500 fpm / 12.7 m/s
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