Constructed from a high-quality carbon fiber core and a PTFE shell to reduce friction where air operated valves are used for steam, water, air, and process control applications.

The unique combination of materials optimizes the low friction qualities of PTFE and the structural integrity of high-quality carbon fiber to achieve superior sealing with lower friction for valve stem actuation. Packing is available in spool stock and die formed ring sets for end user convenience.


  • Low friction: Up to 20% lower friction than leading competing products.
  • Customizable material and bushings: All standard sizes available. These products can be formed to almost any dimensions. We offer custom fabricated carbon bushings for optimizing box depth and set performance.
  • Logistically simple: Planning for an outage? Formed sets provide you with a convenient way to know you have exactly what you need.
  • Quality: Use of highest quality and purity materials combined with our workmanship allows us to provide consistent and reliable products for safety and performance.
  • Potential cost reduction by reducing size of required actuator.
  • In service solution for undersized actuators in difficult applications.
  • Convenience of die formed or mandrel cut spool stock.


  • Construction:        PTFE fiber over braided carbon core
  • Min. Temperature:         -200°F / -130°C
  • Max. Temperature:     550°F / 288°C
  • pH Range:            0-14
  • Pressure:            to 3,500 psi / 242 bar in valves (Consult Garlock Engineering for high pressure applications.)


  • Air Operated Valves (AOV)
  • Steam
  • Water
  • Process Control
  • Air


Continuous Spool

Spool form with service to 500°F / 260°C. Includes class leading low friction performance and is a versatile spool offering.

Style 5882 Die Formed, Bevel Cut Ring Sets


Discrete: Allowing for logistic simplicity and class leading low friction performance.

Style 5882 LSP

A combination set of GRAPH-LOCK® and Style 5882 rings for nuclear applications. Style 5882 LSP Set is a die formed engineered graphite set with Style 5882 end rings. The LSP set has the best sealing with higher heat dissipation.


If a lower PTFE content/higher temperature set is needed, Style 5882 can be used as end rings and combined with GRAPH-LOCK® center rings. Please contact Applications Engineering or the Product Line for recommendations.

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