A true, general service, braided PTFE pump or valve packing for many types of rotary and reciprocating services.

Every fiber in the SYNTHEPAK® material is completely impregnated with a proprietary Garlock manufacturing process. All internal voids are filled, eliminating the dry centers left by other packing treatments. A carefully applied snow-white petrolatum eases start-up.


  • Clean, dependable service
  • Unique spun synthetic fiber; ideal replacement for asbestos
  • Excellent for pumps, valves, rods, plungers, rams, expansion joints
  • Reduces shaft and sleeve wear for lower operational costs
  • Versatile, multi-use packing means lower inventory stocking costs
  • Styles 8909, 8913, 8921-K, 8922


  • Min. Temperature            -170°F / -112°C
  • Max. Temperature:            550°F / 287.8°C
  • Max. Rotary Pump Pressure:    500 psi / 34.5 bar
  • Max. Valve Pressure:        2,500 psi / 172.4 bar
  • Max. Rotary Pump Speed:    2,500 fpm / 12.7 meters/sec


  • Papermaking
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