Style 1333-G-SQ Compression Packing, Flexible Graphite, Graphite Dispersion, 0.250 Inch Square Cross-Section, 25 lb per Reel (29.76 Ft/Lb)

  • Shipping Weight: 0 lbs
  • Style/Model: Style 1333-G-SQ
  • Compliances: REACH Compliant
  • Material: Flexible Graphite
  • Application/Equipment: Applicable to valves steam service., High speed rotary applications where water conservation is important or supply is scarce
  • Compliances/Standards: REACH Compliant
  • Cross Section Shape: Square
  • Package Quantity (imperial): 25 lb
  • Construction: Square Braid
  • Package Quantity (metric): 11.3 kg
  • Cross Section Width Decimal (Inch): 0.250
  • Cross Section Width (mm): 6.35
  • Continuous Length: No
  • Cross Section Height Fraction (Inch): 1/4
  • Cross Section Width Fraction (Inch): 1/4
  • Fixed package Quantity: Yes
  • Lubricant: Graphite Dispersion
  • Media Ph Range: 0-14 Except for Strong Oxidizers
  • Package Primary UOM: Pound
  • Package Quantity: 25 lb / 11.338 kg
  • Package Quantity Weight Imperial: 25
  • Package Quantity Weight Imperial Unit of Measure: lb
  • Package Quantity Weight Metric: 10
  • Package Quantity Weight Metric Unit of Measure: kg
  • Package Type: Reel
  • UPC Code: 717744919443
  • Weight To Length Conversion (m/kg): 20.00
  • Weight To Length Converstion (ft/lb): 29.76
  • Primary Dimensional Unit of Measure: Imperial
  • Cross Section Height (mm): 6.35
  • Cross Section Height Decimal (Inch): 0.250
  • Package Qty Measurement: Weight

Premium high purity graphite packing with potential for handling a pump high speed, high temperature and achieving lowest leak rate with a clear non-abrasive media. 1333-G-SQ (Square) contributes to water and energy savings. The Flexible Graphite (FG) material is reinforced with high purity graphite fiber yarn giving it superiority over other lower performing FG reinforcement materials. This graphite fiber adds abrasion resistance for rotary services and anti-extrusion resistance for valve applications. 1333-G-SQ offers field proven performance and reliability. Its versatility can result in significant savings in inventory investment.

  • Overview

Features and Benefits:

  • 1333-G version with standard square shape
  • All-graphite, PTFE-free construction maximizes reliability and stability in high temperatures, provides excellent chemical resistance and dissipates heat quickly
  • Equipment runs cooler and requires less flush water
  • Saves water and energy
  • Graphite filament reinforcement to resist high pressure and extrusion
  • Contains a passive corrosion inhibitor
  • No additional end ring material is required for valve installations

Typical Applications:

  • High speed rotary applications where water conservation is important or supply is scarce
  • Applicable to valves steam service.

Media Use:

  • Clear media
  • Steam
  • Condensate
  • Water

Industries Served:

  • Power Generation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Primary Metals
  • Marine
  • Chemical Processing
  • Water and Wastewater