Garlock's family of Corrugated Metal Gaskets (CMG) includes the GRAPHONIC®, TEPHONIC®, G.E.T.TM, and the recently added THERPHONIC® with a THERMa-PUR® sealing element. CMGs provide excellent sealing performance and reliability in the most difficult applications.

Each style combines a corrugated metal core with compressible sealing elements designed to resist a wide range of harsh conditions, including extreme temperature, corrosive chemicals, and thermal cycling.

Explore Our CMG Styles:

  • GRAPHONIC® (Style 603): A flexible graphite facing provides fire-safety and sealability up to 850°F (454°C), or 1200°F (650°C) in steam.
  • TEPHONIC® (Style 604): With an ePTFE sealing element, this highly conformable, chemically inert style can seal under low bolt loads.
  • G.E.T.TM: Using both flexible graphite and ePTFE as sealing elements, this style provides both fire safety and chemical resistance.
  • THERPHONIC®: With a THERMa-PUR® facing, this gasket can withstand temperatures up to 1832°F (1000°C). Its hydrophobic nature makes it an excellent choice for water and steam services.

Our online catalog only includes our ASME Standard Gaskets. If you need custom sizes or support with a challenging application, contact us – we stand ready to help!