Garlock Kammprofile Gaskets provide exceptional reliability in difficult applications. With a combination of serrated metallic core and soft facing, Kammprofile Gaskets are highly compressible and conformable, easy-to-handle, and strong enough to withstand harsh operating conditions.

Kammprofile Gaskets accommodate standard ASME flanges as well as non-standard flanges, including lightweight flanges, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, and vessels. Kammprofile Gaskets are also an excellent choice for worn heat exchangers originally designed for jacketed gaskets.

The Kammprofile handles pressures from full vacuum to the maximum rating of the flange. It also withstands temperatures from cryogenics to 2000°F / 1090°C, depending on sealing material and metal core.

Kammprofile Gaskets are available in a wide selection of standard and exotic metals, and can be faced with flexible graphite, ePTFE, GYLON® or THERMa-PUR® materials.

Our online catalog only includes our ASME Standard Gaskets. If you need custom sizes or support with a challenging application, contact us – we stand ready to help!