FLEXSEAL® Heat Shield™ Gasket

The FLEXSEAL® Heat Shield™ provides outstanding fire resistance. It’s ideal for thermal oxidizing environments and provides a good choice for plant steam drums, hydrocarbon cat crackers, hydrogen units and exhaust manifolds.



  • Fire safe and rated to 1250° F (677° C)
  • Flexible graphite-filled spiral wound gasket has ID and OD filler plies of THERMa-PUR® mica.
  • The THERMa-PUR® mica layers protect the flexible graphite center from thermal oxidizing atmospheres
  • Metal wire of the gasket can be made of a wide range of materials, depending upon the application


  • Plant steam drums
  • Hydrocarbon cat crackers
  • Hydrogen units
  • Exhaust manifolds


New Heat Shield EDGE®:- Upgrade your system

  • Available in the EDGE®: gasket in sizes 2" and above
  • Best seal for the lowest bolt loads
  • Relief tab design provides solid seating of the flange to the gasket centering ring face
  • Reduces bolt load loss caused by thermal cycling
  • Eliminates radial buckling
  • Prevents catastrophic failure and potential damage to downstream equipment due to wire unraveling
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