For decades, Garlock has supplied customers worldwide with our FLEXSEAL® Spiral Wound Gaskets. One of the most utilized Metallic Gaskets in the industry, FLEXSEAL® Spiral Wound Gaskets are known for their resilience and strength under a wide range of conditions and applications.

Widely used throughout refineries and chemical processing plants, FLEXSEAL® Spiral Wound Gaskets are well-suited for power generation, pulp and paper, aerospace, and a variety of other specialty applications.

Garlock offers common alloys such as 304L and 316L, as well as a vast range of exotic materials, such as INCONEL®, HASTELLOY®, and MONEL®. We also have a selection of filler materials, including high-purity graphite grades, ePTFE, GYLON®, Mica, and Garlock’s groundbreaking high-temperature material, THERMa-PUR®.

In addition to our standard ASME B16.20 Gaskets, our engineering team can design FLEXSEAL® Spiral Wounds to fit any custom requirement. For specific applications, we also offer our innovative Garlock EDGE®, Heat ShieldTM, and Lo-LoadTM gaskets.

Our online catalog only includes our ASME Standard Gaskets. If you are looking for custom sizes, or need support with a challenging application, contact us – we stand ready to help!