Case Study: GYLON® Style 3545 - Chemical Processing


Chemical Processing


Size: Various
Temperature: 200° F
Application: Carbon steel, lead-lined flanges
Media: Bromine
Pressure: 150 psi


A German manufacturer of specialty inorganic chemicals needed a gasket recommendation for bromine service using carbon steel lead-lined flanges.


The expanded PTFE (ePTFE) gasket previously in service was causing leak and permeation issues that negatively impacted operations and increased safety risks.

ePTFE gaskets commonly experience permeation through the gasket body due to the manufacturing process. They also have a high creep relaxation factor, creating the need to retorque the bolts to compensate for the creep relaxation.


To overcome these challenges, the engineering team at Garlock recommended that the plant standardize on GYLON® Style 3545 Gaskets. The customer chose this solution for their bromine service, storage tanks, and other flanges throughout the facility, allowing them to consolidate their gasket requirements.

Additionally, GYLON® Style 3545 provides universal chemical compatibility and a more reliable seal than the previous solution, thus increasing safety and reducing downtime from leaking flanges.

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