Garlock's Engineered Packing Sets are designed to work in specific applications. Crafted with more than 100 years of knowledge and expertise, these sets offer peak performance in the most demanding applications.

Using a combination of traditional CHEVRON® V-ring packing, U-Seals, and braided compression packing, these sets combine the vast range of products Garlock offers to make the ultimate seal.

Polytop Packing uses a traditional CHEVRON® V-ring set but exchanges the standard female for a U-Seal to maximize sealing performance in applications with a short stuffing box. Our SLUDGE-PAK® packing is designed for abrasive applications in wastewater vertical sludge pumps, where maximizing packing life is a top priority. Garlock's Turbine Blade Runner Packing was created specifically for these bi-directional power generation applications to keep lubricants from entering the river water and river water from entering the lubrication system.