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Garlock offers unique, rugged sealing solutions to many industries.

Garlock provides innovative sealing solutions across the markets and industries we serve.

By combining the most innovative products with unparalleled service and a strong environmental commitment, we deliver solutions that improve plant productivity, reduce costs, and comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

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Garlock's solutions address intricate issues at each stage of the lithium-ion battery lifecycle, including extraction, refining, manufacturing, and recycling.

Lithium Value Chain

By leveraging our materials engineering expertise and fluid sealing knowledge, Garlock addresses intricate issues at each stage of the lithium-ion battery lifecycle, including extraction, refining, manufacturing, and recycling.

Our innovative solutions enhance productivity, cut costs, and help you meet strict environmental standards in your operations.

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Hydrogen Energy

As the global urgency to reduce carbon footprints intensifies, the hydrogen technology sector is experiencing exponential growth. The safe sealing of hydrogen and related substances in compliance with strict regulations is a key focus. Selecting the right product is crucial given the diverse application requirements, ranging from fire safety to cryogenic temperatures.

Garlock’s engineered sealing solutions, designed to meet the most rigorous testing standards, are ideal for complex applications in the hydrogen energy sector. Our focal products comply with TA-Luft requirements and have been extensively tested by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) for use in explosive atmospheres.

Click here to learn how a green hydrogen production facility used Garlock STRESS SAVER® 3522 gaskets to solve sealing challenges.

Garlock products keep critical semiconductor manufacturing equipment protected from leaks and breakdown.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Garlock offers a wide range of application-specific sealing products strategically targeting Semiconductor manufacturing process challenges.

To protect purity and product quality, our solutions are made to handle extremely sensitive systems, such as chemical exhaust tool hook-ups and ultrapure water systems. Our products withstand highly volatile and aggressive chemicals, high temperatures, and high pressures, keeping plant personnel and equipment safe from hazards and unanticipated disruptions. We design sealing solutions for long service life and minimal maintenance, reducing costly downtime and inefficient operations.

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A chemical processing plant at night.

Chemical Processing

Garlock recognizes the potential hazards and critical need for personal safety in the chemical processing industry, while also taking into account the need for regulatory compliance, reduced downtime, and ease of maintenance.

Garlock designs and manufactures high-performance sealing solutions for a wide range of chemical processing applications, including pumps, valves, reactors, flange joints, pipelines, and more. By combining innovative products with unparalleled service, we deliver sealing solutions that improve plant productivity and safety while reducing operational costs.

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Workers lift a piece of bridge into place

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Projects

Garlock has the industry experience and expertise to allow it to partner with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors to deliver sealing solutions with unmatched safety, reliability and resource management for a wide range of EPC projects.

Our representatives will work directly with your engineering and design teams to identify the most effective sealing solutions for fluid transportation systems, improving production and reducing down-time for the end user while safeguarding employees and sensitive equipment. We offer pipe sealing products, metallic gaskets, butterfly valves and expansion joint systems suited for standard and custom applications.

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Garlock manufactures NSF water safe gaskets.

Food and Beverage

Garlock sealing solutions provide exceptional performance in food and beverage applications, delivering unsurpassed product integrity, traceability, and safety, as well as reduced downtime.

Our food-grade products are built with high-quality, safety-focused materials that are designed to minimize leakage and reduce costly repairs and downtime. Featuring exceptional wear resistance, our food-grade gasket and sealing products also withstand extreme temperatures, aggressive materials, and vigorous cleaning methods.

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Garlock offers industry-leading marine sealing solutions.


Garlock offers a diverse and highly specialized selection of sealing solutions specifically designed to increase safety, reduce downtime, and promote longevity of the international marine sector.

Our innovative sealing solutions are used in a range of marine-based applications from stationary oil drilling platforms to military ships. We also offer a wide array of technical field services that bolster our marine partnerships. Our vast network of trained surveyors, managers, and distributors are standing by to support your needs in the field.

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Garlock offers many sealing solutions for the mining industry.


To help companies more profitably supply the raw materials needed to power the economy, Garlock’s heavy-duty sealing solutions increase safety and uptime, reduce water and energy costs, and extend service life in mining applications.

Garlock sealing products are built for heavy-duty performance and reliability in even the most formidable conditions, providing reliable service through exposure to abrasive materials and high-pressure environments.

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Garlock offers unique nuclear approved sealing solutions made with proprietary materials and designs.


Garlock provides solutions to nuclear-specific sealing problems by combining the most innovative products with unparalleled service and environmental commitment, thus improving plant productivity, reducing costs, and complying with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Click here to read how Style 206 EZ-FLO Expansion Joints reduced vibration and leaking in critical equipment at a nuclear power plant.

Original equipment manufacturers of all kinds appreciate Garlock's hard-working sealing solutions.

OEM and Customized Solutions

Garlock provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with proven, reliable, customized, and safe sealing solutions for complex piping arrays and diverse applications, reducing development costs and improving safety.

Our highly trained, dedicated engineers will work with you to create a sealing system fit for your needs and available equipment space, including thoroughly testing the component to ensure maximum reliability and safety.

Click here to read how the superior life cycle of Garlock ONE-UP® Diaphragms tripled mean time between failures for an OEM of Electric Components.

Garlock offers industry-leading oil and gas sealing solutions.

Oil and Gas

From the bottom of the sea to the top of the refinery, Garlock designs and manufactures a broad range of premium sealing solutions for the oil and gas industry with a focus on safety, product integrity, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency.

Garlock programs for the oil and gas industry include solutions for on-site maintenance, turnkey emission monitoring and repair programs, Integrated Pollution Prevention Control reporting, comprehensive plant sealing, specialty projects, and low-emissions valve packing. Each solution offers a cost-effective approach to operational efficiency and ease of maintenance.

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Garlock's sanitary and hygienic offerings include gaskets and many more sealing solutions that serve the pharmaceutical industry.


Cleanliness, traceability and compliance with FDA/USP regulations are absolutely critical to avoid contamination in pharmaceutical processing. Essential to achieving these goals are the seals, gaskets and fluid path components used throughout the entire process.

As the global leader in high-performance sealing solutions for pharmaceutical and bio-processing applications, we work closely with process engineers, maintenance staff and operations executives to develop innovative materials and designs that address the challenges unique to this industry.

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Garlock has many high-temperature, abrasion resistant, and marine use sealing solutions perfect for companies in the power generation industry.

Power Generation

Garlock’s advanced sealing solutions deliver reliability, safety, and reduced downtime in the power generation industry, with a focus on the basic human needs that are met with electrical power.

We offer advanced solutions for coal, natural gas, fossil fuel, gas turbines, and more. Garlock products combine high-performance, technology-driven fluid sealing performance with industry expertise and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Garlock has many high-temperature ultra durable sealing soutions perfect for the primary metal industry.

Primary Metals

Garlock high-performance sealing solutions provide unmatched safety, durability, and uptime in the temperature, pressure, and contamination extremes of primary metals manufacturing.

From oil seals to help improve machine efficiency, to metallic bearing isolators to block contaminants and help extend equipment life, Garlock delivers sealing solutions for the stringent demands of the metals industry.

Durable, reliable, and high-performing, our seals and gaskets help to improve efficiency, lengthen bearing life, and reduce maintenance time and costs.

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Companies in the pulp and paper industry look to Garlock for the unique sealing solutions they require.

Pulp and Paper

Garlock's sealing solutions reduce downtime, increase efficiency, conserve resources, and improve safety in a wide variety of pulp and paper processing applications.

Garlock sealing products are built for heavy-duty performance and reliability in even the most formidable conditions, providing reliable service through exposure to abrasive materials and high-pressure environments.

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Garlock offers many marine use, waterproof, abrasion and chemical resistant sealing solutions perfect for the water and wastewater industry.

Water and Wastewater

Garlock sealing products deliver safe, durable, and easy-to-maintain solutions that recognize the critical importance and regulatory requirements of water and wastewater processing facilities.

Our sealing solutions help eliminate water flush, excessive movement, and the erosion and corrosion risks posed by thick sludge, chlorinated water, and other common industry materials.

We also offer consultation and support for virtually every area of water management, including municipal, industrial, stormwater, wastewater, environmental, and drinking water.

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